• Two of Clown Town's patrons strut their stuff in the go-go cages
  • Clown Town's first cocktail waitress, enjoying herself on a night off by showing the crowds her moves.

Unlike other places, Clown Town never paid anyone to dance - there was always a customer or two ready to show their moves. The go-go dancers were a major draw even though, or maybe because, the dancers were just customers having a good time. 

There was also a trapeze in the bar which saw frequent use.  Most often it was used in pull-up challenges - Sonny Wilson was the undisputed champ - among the morning backsider crowd but, occasionally, a customer might decide to take a fly over the encouraging crowd below.

  • Co-owner, Tommy Turiace, dressed for Halloween, poses between the go-go cages.
  • Cocktail waitress Marlene gets her groove on on a day off