The Clown Town Lounge was located at 16 E. Huntington Drive in Arcadia,California, a short distance from Santa Anita Racetrack.  It was opened in 1963 by co-owners horse trainer Jimmy Jordan (JJ) and his partner, parimutuel,  Jerry Eider. Their links to the racetrack made this the obvious destination after a day at the track. 

In 1966, Eider and Jordan sold Clown Town to Tommy Turiace and Freddy Palladino who were friends from boyhood. Even though Eider and JJ were gone, Clown Town was still the preferred destination for the race track regulars. Whether they won or lost at Santa Anita that day, Clown Town was the place to end the day. 

From early morning - when the backsiders at the track (the walkers and workout jockeys) frequented the bar - to closing, Clown Town was packed with both locals and the racetrack regulars.  The mornings started off early with jockey agents Pat McDowell and Dick Riley and their buddies.

Clown Town was the preferred watering hole for jockeys Jerry Lambert, Howard Grant, and Wayne Harris. Bill Hartack, Billy Harmatz, Donald Pierce, Ishmael Valenzuela, Sandy Hawley and jockey/trainer Johnny Adams would sometimes stop by after the races or on a day off. The first woman jockey at Santa Anita Racetrack, Penny Ann Early, stopped by just like the guys. The legendary  jockey, Willie Shoemaker, would also stop by occasionally.

Clown Town also drew celebrity customers who would frequent Santa Anita Racetrack. Actors Vic Tayback (best known for his role as Mel on the TV show Alice) and character actor Isaiah Cook were occasional customers. The famous bandleader and thoroughbred horse owner Harry James was a more frequent patron.

And then there were the regulars who stopped by all the time just to unwind after a day at work - Gary Jones, George McDougall, John Mason, Ronnie Penton, John Stilson, Eddie Murphy, "Irish" Tommy, Mike Price, the Stuckes (Gaylord, Kevin, Keith (KL) and Golly plus the rest of their clan) and "Uncle" Cy Wonders, Tommy's best man when he married Polly in Las Vegas.

Monrovia High School basketball coach Tony Stilson brought in Los Angeles Rams defensive end legend, Deacon Jones, after a charity basketball game. Jockey agent Pat McDowell brought Boston Bruin superstars Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito in for a good time after the track. 

Clown Town was also known for their popular bus trips to Los Angeles Rams football games, the summer meet at Del Mar Racetrack and the party bus to Las Vegas. These events always sold out quickly and the attendees always raved about the great time had. 

Clown Town closed in 1978 when the landlord chose not to renew the lease so that he could expand his business. The business packed up for a move down the block to open the restaurant Tommy T's. The same bartenders and waitresses, the same customers and many of the same traditions along with excellent food made for Tommy T's being the new popular hangout. But no restaurant could fully recapture the fun and spontaneity of of the best little bar in Arcadia - Clown Town.

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